Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weston Colton, Photo Profile on Fuel TV

Check out this really rad profile on BC friend, Weston Colton. The Profile is awesome and follows Weston around as he photograph's Garrison Conklin. You even see a photo of Glenn Calvert and former BC rider Micah Wood.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pontus Alv "Good Bye Emerica" Update*

Amazing skating and real talk with Pontus Alv.

Update* Pontus Alv now rides for Converse! Read about it here.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

BC Bootleg Blog

The BC Bootleg Blog is great place to catch up on some BC news that I may miss from time to time, like these rad photos of Dagan Moulton.

Dagan Moulton: Miller Flip, Photo: Tosh Rice

Dagan Moulton: Boneless, Photo: Colton Erickson?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stereo Radness Update*

Stereo recently hooked us up with a really rad window display. Make sure to come into the shop to check it out along with the latest offering from the Stereo Sound Agency.

Stereo riders Ben Gore and Tony Karr recently put out some really rad parts. Had to add the amazing Clint Peterson part that just came out, so good!* Enjoy!

"Skateboards: A Magnet for Crazy" Article in SLUG Magazine

Check out the February issue of SLUG Magazine for a very interesting article about the relationship between skateboarder's and bum's written by Giuseppe Ventrella. Forrest Huber and Jovi Bathemess have photos in this article.
Photos by: Sam Milianta

"You need a push to church?" "Nah man, I just need a beer." -Jovi B. learns the truth.

Forrest Huber, Crook bonk on one man's trash.

If there is a crazy bum in my general area, they’ll usually head straight for me and spark up a conversation. It doesn’t matter if I have a skateboard or not—bums love to talk to me—but the attraction is especially strong with a skateboard. As a photographer, this could turn out great, as I have had many bums ask me to take a photo of them...

Check the rest of the article here.