Thursday, September 11, 2014


Here's a cool edit featuring Tyler Braithwaite and some other rad dudes skating the streets of Provo and more.

Also, here is an amazing photo of Tyler doing a BS Boneless.

Photo: Weston Colton

The Life in a Day: Eric Nguyen

The Life in a Day is a monthly video series designed as a creative challenge for local skaters to produce a video in the span of 24 hours. The ultimate goal is to illustrate an honest portrait of the skater, to capture how they skate, how they think, how they interpret public space and architecture. This month's episode focuses on local skater Eric Nguyen.

Photo: Garrison Conklin

Eric Nguyen is a dude known for being laid back and relaxed yet ready to charge and huck it at any moment. Eric, also referred to as “Chi” by all the BC Surf and Sport homies, is essentially a down right cool ass muhfucker and this is what happens when you kick it in the streets with him for a day! - Finale 

Photo: Garrison Conklin

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