Thursday, July 30, 2015

Detour with Ryan Lay

Detour with Ryan Lay from Coalatree Organics on Vimeo.
Ryan Lay came up for a weekend in SLC. Hayden Price took us out climbing then we grabbed a canoe and drove to the mountains for a rainy overnighter and sunny next day. Guest clip with our very own Forrest Huber.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Andys Last Vacation 2015

All photos: Sam Milianta
Video by: Forrest Huber, Eric Nguyen and Tyler Sikich

Every year the BC Sandy crew takes a trip to Southern Utah/Vegas in search of warmer weather, spots, and good times. The photos below capture our stay in Vegas. Be on the lookout for Sam's Zine from the trip!

Andy Hill and Eric Nguyen

Glenn Calvert

Tyler Sikich and Garrison Conklin

Jovi Bathemess

Jovi Bathemess and Tyler Sikich venture to Spot 1 in Vegas

The crew posted up

Tyler Sikich: Wallie FS 5-0

Forrest Huber: Ollie

The crew riding the wave

Forrest Huber pushes as the rest of the crew looks on

Tyler Sikich: BS Tailslide (Doesn't the shadow look like some Pontus Alv artwork?)

Tyler Sikich: BS Tailslide


Garrison Conklin. Fremont Street, Vegas

Tyler Sikich and Forrest Huber. Fremont St, Vegas

Couldn't have asked for a better time!