Monday, July 22, 2013

"Soleil Levant" Salt Lake City Premiere

Pleased to announce that we will be hosting the Salt Lake City Premiere for Magenta skateboard's new full length video " Soleil Levant", at the Post Theater July 31 @ 7:30pm. Pre-sale tickets available for purchase at BC Sandy and BC Murray now for $3, or $5 at the door.

Here is the trailer for the video. Hope to see you there!

Product toss sponsored by BC, Coalatree Organics, Theories of Atlantis, and Magenta.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Forrest Does Downtown" Outtakes

Here is a couple of photo's that didn't make it into the mag. Both photo's are from the first of two days shooting for this article.

BS 50-50. Photo: Weston Colton

This angle definitely shows how gnarly the spot is. Unfortunately it is kind of hard to tell exactly where he is coming from so it was decided to use the other angle for the article.

FS 180. Photo: Weston Colton

Forrest warmed up with this FS 180 and must have done it at least 20 times. The cover shows this spot with everything above the sidewalk removed from the photo for a clean cover. I like this one because it captures downtown quite well.