Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photo Tuesday: Jovi Bathemess

BC Sandy Photo Feature.
Words by: Samuel Milianta 

[Photo: Sam Milianta]

"Ever since I saw a photo of Ryan Hickey do a wallride nollie out in SLAP I’ve always liked that trick. It’s one of my favorite tricks to watch people do and I always think it’s rad no matter what. It is, however, a trick that is really hard to shoot a photograph of. It always looks awkward. For example, the skater has one foot dangling off the board or the timing is weird. It’s basically just hard to shoot and I’ve failed numerous times."

"While this is a far cry from my photographic Swan Song, this photo of Jovi Bathemess doing a wallride nollie out just happened to work out for me on this particular day. Jovi is really good at that trick and I have failed to translate just how good his technique is, photograph-wise, on several occasions. On this day, at one of the more rugged spots he’s done it on, we finally got the photo."

Jovi Bathemess, Wallride Nollie Out, Salt Lake City, UT. 2012.

Huge thanks to Sam for putting this together for us. Be on the look out for his monthly zines.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Polar Fall 2012

The majority of the new Polar gear can be found at BC Sandy and Fashion Place.

Check out this rad Cons clip of Polar riders Pontus Alv and Jerome Campbell in Beirut.

Polar was recently in New York City and helped build a new spot, and put on a Bum Rush the Spot contest.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SLUG Magazine Photo Feature: Matt Winskowski

Check out Matt in the October Issue of SLUG Magazine.
Words by: Weston Colton

[Photo: Weston Colton]

"The boneless one is a trick I have always liked doing. It’s a classic trick that’s all about style. It was also the second trick I ever learned (it was much more common in 1990). I told Matt that I wanted to shoot a boneless at a street spot. Matt’s response: “What would Peter Hewitt do?” Apparently, he would do something like this."

Matt Winskowski, boneless, SLC

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